Area of the Spiritual Heritage of Humanity

Rating of Areas of the Spiritual Heritage of Humanity

Basis and Principles

SHA International Ratings Center is the first independent international organization which shapes worldwide rating of the Spiritual Heritage of Humanity area («SHA – rating»). The Spiritual Heritage of Humanity Area Rating («SHA ​​- rating») is intended to assess the quality of the functioning of the territorial community (public authorities, businesses, non-profit sector, civil society, citizens) in case of the preservation, maintenance and reproducing of the objects of material culture, architectural ensembles, cultural monuments constituting the spiritual heritage of whole humanity.

The major aim of SHA International Ratings Centre is a shaping of the Common area of the Spiritual Heritage of the World and assistance to countries in the preservation and forming of national objects of the spiritual heritage.

Our organization has its own representatives in 18 countries (Germany, France, Kirgizia, Finland, Armenia, Lithuania, Russia and so on), there are as well two regional offices in Lithuania (the Baltic office) and France (the European office).

The Spiritual Heritage of Humanity Area Rating is formed under the auspices and valuable principles of UNESCO. It was created accordingly to UNESCO's experience in the formation of the list of World Heritage Sites.

Now more than 90 objects of the spiritual heritage are put on the list. IRC is now working on the restoration and development of 12 objects of Spiritual Heritage. We are performing the number of joint projects in the different countries.

Ratings and Aims

The most important function of any State is the preservation of national traditions and historical memory of its people. The historical experience and continuity of traditions should be the basis for the nurture of new generations.

Experience in the development of humanity shows that high goals could be achieved only by continuous spiritual development. Spiritual is the foundation of human life, the force that fuels the will and conscience - an important criterion of the moral life views.

In our age of globalization, when the confrontation between good and evil has become aggravated, when profound changes have been in attitudes, when the malicious ideas under the guise of "mass culture" are trying to destroy the foundations of spirituality, the value of the preservation of the spiritual heritage of humanity is increasingly growing.

The spiritual and cultural heritage has several levels: global, national (federal), inter-regional, regional and local (municipal). Each monument is associated to the history of the land, area on which it stands.

However, it is not enough to determine the object of the spiritual heritage, it is necessary to have a tool for monitoring its preservation. For today, this tool is the SHA-ratings, which allowed us to offer an authoritative and credible international system of the level measuring of preservation of any objects on the spiritual heritage according to all levels of government, regardless of their size or location.

The leaders

of the International Ratings Center of The Spiritual Heritage of Humanity

Alex Rabinovich


General consul in USA, Canada, Europe and EU.


Stanislav Korolev


General Consul in CIS, SCO and BRICS.